Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mid Week update....

Well this picture would be great if it were true! LOL I love the houses shoes lol. Well I am all but finished with my third week of the first session of my Fall Term at Baker. All I have to get posted is the math test. Then this marks the half way point. I think I have been writing papers in my sleep.

I figured out how to post via my ipod touch on here which will mean I'll be posting more I would think. It is easier sometimes to just use my ipod than to crank up the computer.

Been looking at masters programs. Sort of feeling overwhelemed with what to do. One place I talked to is a three year program going part-time for social work. They "highly" recommend working only part-time since the work is so demanding. I am going ot have to work it seems like its been forever. I've been living on financial aid. Maybe I will land a job with Michigan Department of Human Service and just work and go on vacations....lol...that would be nice.

Alright enough for now so I will ....


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