Sunday, October 2, 2011

I sure hope it's worth it.

Yesterday I spent about ten hours doing an assignment for my "Ethics" online class from Baker College. I am down to four classes. After this Fall Term I will have only ONE actually class that I will HAVE to take and if I remember thats just any 2 credit class I want to elective I believe. The ten hours consisted of looking (only on the Baker Library site) for 3 "peer-reviewed" articles on the subject of my approved research paper. I must of looked through countless articles. Then I finally got it down to eight. The assignment calls for three articles...that is the limit. Sooooo I had to read all eight articles. Each article had at least 10,000+ words. When I finally decided on which three to select I then had to write a 240-400 word "proposal" paper with all the trimmings. At midnite I finally got it done. I needed to "save" it on a different format and when I did the entire thing got messed up space wise and I had to retype it all over again. By 12:30 I had a finished project and emailed it to my instructor. I just got informed that I got 56.5% of the possible 60% points so that is great. All that work paid off. sigh.

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