Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mid Week update....

Well this picture would be great if it were true! LOL I love the houses shoes lol. Well I am all but finished with my third week of the first session of my Fall Term at Baker. All I have to get posted is the math test. Then this marks the half way point. I think I have been writing papers in my sleep.

I figured out how to post via my ipod touch on here which will mean I'll be posting more I would think. It is easier sometimes to just use my ipod than to crank up the computer.

Been looking at masters programs. Sort of feeling overwhelemed with what to do. One place I talked to is a three year program going part-time for social work. They "highly" recommend working only part-time since the work is so demanding. I am going ot have to work it seems like its been forever. I've been living on financial aid. Maybe I will land a job with Michigan Department of Human Service and just work and go on vacations....lol...that would be nice.

Alright enough for now so I will ....


Trying email posting

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I sure hope it's worth it.

Yesterday I spent about ten hours doing an assignment for my "Ethics" online class from Baker College. I am down to four classes. After this Fall Term I will have only ONE actually class that I will HAVE to take and if I remember thats just any 2 credit class I want to take....an elective I believe. The ten hours consisted of looking (only on the Baker Library site) for 3 "peer-reviewed" articles on the subject of my approved research paper. I must of looked through countless articles. Then I finally got it down to eight. The assignment calls for three articles...that is the limit. Sooooo I had to read all eight articles. Each article had at least 10,000+ words. When I finally decided on which three to select I then had to write a 240-400 word "proposal" paper with all the trimmings. At midnite I finally got it done. I needed to "save" it on a different format and when I did the entire thing got messed up space wise and I had to retype it all over again. By 12:30 I had a finished project and emailed it to my instructor. I just got informed that I got 56.5% of the possible 60% points so that is great. All that work paid off. sigh.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mid Week Posting

Well I went to the doctor today. I found out I lost 6 pounds which was nice. I also "passed" my sugar blood test so that was good too.

Got my first week of classes done for this Fall Term. The weeks online are called "Seminars" so I officially got "Seminar One" completed. Five more to go.

Got my flu shot this morning also. My arm is hurting big time where they gave it to me. I 've had a nice headache ever since I got the shot as well so I am off to bed......

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little Project I'm Working on.......

Yes, I cross stitch. I find it relaxing and it helps with not snacking also. You can't work on a picture and eat at the same time! lol

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today's Fun Pictures.........

                                              Oh! so THATS the way to "Happy"  :-)

                          Who you may be emailing to at the other end! LOL LOL LOL

I have to admit if I had a tree in the yard I would be tempted to post this one! LOL LOL

Saturday Thoughts.....


My cold is kicking back at me today. I woke up the other morning and thought oh no here it comes. Today I feel "under the weather" as that saying goes. (Where DID that saying come from anyway?) I tried to sleep in this morning but it was quite impossible around here with all the noise going on. It is amazing how much noise one dog and a sister and a mother can make lol.

It looks like a beautiful day today. But, I am staying inside because I am just too tired to venture out.

I feel like watching some scary movies today. Not sure why I am just feeling all sort of "Halloweenie" I guess. Not gory movies just some scary one or two.

Right now though I am off to sleep.......hopefully.