Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick Overview of Sites Listed

Some of them you may be quite well aware of but there might be a few you are not sure about. Here is a quick fact about those:

AMERICORPS: This is a place where you can look at upcoming possible jobs. You serve a certain amount of time and then get $$ for college or for employment. I've just recently been looking at this one.

GAY CHRISTIAN NETWORK: Awesome site. If you are gay or someone you know is gay or you are not sure if you can be gay and christian.......almost any topic you can think of....this is the place to check out. They have forums and lots of support.

LOGO TV: Is a gay tv station where if you like Rupal's Drag Race you can watch it. They also have free movies that can be seen.

PAPERBACKSWAP: Sister company to the other swap. I have used this on many times. The service is great. I have bought books here that if I got them at a local book store would cost 10 times as much. Check it out if you enjoy reading.

SWAP CD: A place where you can set up an account to swap CDs with other people. I have used this one a few times.

TOPIX: I just found this place myself. You can post your thoughts on current events.

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