Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day of Fall Term.....Online......

Ahh today is the first day of my "Fall Term" at Baker College where I am now taking my last four classes "online" and I can say that it feels strange not getting ready to go to the actual campus this coming Monday. Apparently the "Online Campus" always starts before the "On Campus" does...something I never knew till now. I am taking three classes this term. The terms online are somewhat different than the normal online class schedule. When one is on campus the "term" is ten weeks long. Some of the classes on campus are five weeks but thats mainly computer classes. When taking classes from Baker Online the "term" consist of two sessions. The sessions are 6 weeks long. The first session I am taking: Ta-DAH!  "Philosophy of Ethics" and "Introductory Algebra" then the second session of the term if I am successful at passing the first math class I move on to: "Intermediate Algebra" when that time comes I will be finished with the Ethics class and only working on one class. Sooooooooooo today was the first day. I have logged in, posted an introduction and already did some work. So I am off and running.

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